About us

As one of leading excipient manufacturer with near half century history and reputation, we are known for manufacturing cellulose derivatives with high quality and flexible service.

Company Profile

Since 1972

History and Experience

President / Chairman
Richer Chen

Mingtai was founded in 1972 under the leadership of Mingtai's founder – Mr. Mark Chen, and now is taken over by the 2nd generation - Richer Chen.

The growth of Mingtai is noticable with accumulated experience and non-stop improvement in quality of our products. Our business has been expanded to 5 continents, over 80 countries and over 3000 customers. 

With near half century experience working in excipient industry, we have acquired the reliable reputation and become one of the world’s leading manufacturers of excipients.

Worldwide Recognition

The quality of Mingtai's products has gained the acceptance and recognition of worldwide users. Our products are widely applied in pharmaceutical, nutraceutical and food industries. Today, with the existence in over 80 countries and on-going business with over 3000 customers, we never stop pursuing the improvement of our products' quality, production efficiency and management in every aspect for satisfying the needs from customers and different industries.

Products Quality

Production Efficiency


Improvement and Growth

Customer Satisfaction

In order to satisfy all of our valuable customers, we have been expanding our factory, upgrading the equipment, and increasing our production capacity. Under the internally integrated cooperation and faith, we continuously inspect and motivate ourselves for achieving our final goal - customers’ satisfaction

Stability and flexibility in supply

Having local agents in over 80 areas in the world, we are able to build reliable supply chain across the globe, providing prompt and safe delivery. With close cooperation and profound local experience with agents, we are confident in providing superior service to customers.