Superior and functional MCC for the ideal choice.

Comprecel® MCC (Microcrystalline Cellulose) is a pharmaceutical excipient derived from nature’s most abundant and renewable raw material-wood pulp. The wood pulp is depolymerized by acid hydrolysis and turned from a fibrous material to a white freely-flowing powder.

Comprecel® is a unique & versatile ingredient, and widely used as a key ingredient in pharmaceutical and nutraceutical supplement applications, primarily as binder/filler/diluent/disintegrant in tablet and capsule formulation in direct compression, dry granulation or wet granulation process. It is also used in personal care and food products as well.


  • Strong dry binder
  • High dilution potential
  • Excellent compressibility that allows for high tablet hardness at low compression pressure
  • Promotes tablet disintegration through fast water uptake
  • Facilitates low tablet friability
  • Has inherent lubrication, anti-adherent and absorbent properties
  • In wet granulation, promotes rapid even wetting and uniform rapid drying
  • Superior physical and chemical stability

Comprecel® Types

Main areas of differentiation

Comprecel® SMCC
(Silicified Microcrystalline Cellulose)

Silicified Microcrystalline Cellulose (SMCC) is an integrated particle combined with 98% Microcrystalline Cellulose and 2% colloidal silicon dioxide. By co-processing technology, colloidal silicon dioxide is uniformly distributed on surface of MCC particle.

Comprecel® SMCC is a highly functional ingredient that solve complex formulation problems and simplify manufacturing process.

Superior Benefits

  • Improved Compactibility
  • Enhanced Flow
  • Less sensitive for lubrication
  • Dust-reduced Handling in production

Comprecel® SMCC standard types

SMCC 50 / SMCC 90 / SMCC 90HD / SMCC 90LM

Comprecel® MCC used in food