Sustainable management is one of key corporate initiatives in Mingtai. For decades, we have been dedicating continuous efforts to Environmental conservation, Labor rights, and Ethical policies.


Ecovadis Silver

  • As our vision to become a leading pharmaceutical excipient manufacturer and supplier in the world, Mingtai keeps improving ourselves by taking up the challenge to evaluate our contribution to corporate social responsibility (CSR).
  • Through the years, Mingtai has proactively endeavoured to engage in each aspect of CSR, such as reducing environmental burdens, enhancing labor rights, integrating ethical policies and perfecting management systems.
  • Now, we are happy to share the results of this evaluation with you that Mingtai has recently been rated ECOVADIS Silver.

Ethical Policies

Commercial integrity is our root and principle for business relationship.
The moral literacy is always advocated to all employees and managers.
Intellectual property right is highly respected. Pirated software, tool or any other type of counterfeit are strictly forbidden.
Bribery, corruption, extortion, embezzlement is extremely prohibited.
Activities that conflict with the principle or interest of company are not allowed.
Fraud and money laundering are strictly prohibited.
Employees who complain about discrimination or harassment are protected from retaliation.

Labor Right

No employer shall use force, coercion, detention, or other illegal means, to compel a employees to perform work.
Child labor is prohibited.
Working hours and recess arrangement shall conform to Labor Standard Act.
The salary and welfare shall be in line with Labor Standard Act
Be fair and respectful to every employee. No employee shall be subjected to torture and other cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment.
Offer equal opportunity to all interviewee and employees. No discrimination shall happen on the basis of race, skin color, age, sex, sexual orientation, disability, pregnancy, religion, political affiliation, community and marital status.
Respect the freedom of association and assembly. Secure the right for employees to openly communicate about working conditions with executives without the fear of being retaliated, threatened, or harassed.

Environment, Health and Safety

    Apply energy efficient consumption, promote recycling and reduce waste of resources.
    Comply with EHS regulations, and always keep improving EHS risk management.
    We identify, evaluate, and determine the level of risk and major hazards to effectively control and reduce the uncertainty of new material, equipments and chemicals within the company.
    Create easily accessible communication plan internally and externally.
    According to company environmental policy, goals and index of EHS , we set up control measures and appropriate management program to make sure the goals and index.
    Put a high premium on the prevention of pollution, and abnormal accidents.
    Accidents and non-conformities shall be investigated and reported in compliance with the law and regulations. To prevent recurrence of similar problems, control measures and corrective actions shall be established and executed.

Management System

  • Ensure that the contracts signed by customers are in compliance with related law and regulations.

  • Ensure our supply chain comply with related regulations.

  • In order to continuously improve the performance and management of environmental system, we perform audit periodically and examine whether company’s operation and performance meet the requirement of the law and company policy.

  • Establish management review procedure under periodically review of the adequacy and applicability of the company environmental policy and management system by Administration Supervisor or Management Representative. Ensure company business runs under regulations and national standards with consistent applicability and effectiveness of environmental management system.

  • The Management Representative shall set up and request employees to participate in employee training program to increase technical knowledge, recognize workplace safety, and fulfill other training purposes.

  • Set up and maintain documentation and record procedure to have effective control over related information.

CSR Contact

Mingtai is committed to act ethically in all aspects of our business. If you find any unethical conduct or breach of our ethical standards by a Mingtai employee or anyone representing Mingtai. Please contact us.

  1. Mingtai may use your personal information to facilitate investigation or to contact you. If necessary, Mingtai may share your personal information with the third parties appointed by Mingtai.
  2. You may not act maliciously or knowingly and willfully make a false statement. You shall assume liability for the allegations that prove to have been made maliciously.
  3. You may not disclose any information provided by Mingtai. Unless required by law, you may not file a lawsuit using the correspondence between you and Mingtai.


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