To aid customers in new product development, formulation customization, process and manufacturing improvement, we provide various supports including tailor-made specifications for all three products.

Application Guide on each type
of Comprecel®

Comprecel® M101

Fine particle standard type, providing excellent tablet hardness, and low friability with superior binder capacity.

Suitable for wet granulation, roller compaction, direct compression and spheronization.

Comprecel® M102

Standard type of coarser particle size than M101 with improved flowability property, especially suitable for direct compression production.

Comprecel® M103

Similar type to M101, but with lower moisture content for water-sensitive active ingredients.

Comprecel® M105

Finest particle size type and most compressible of MCC products; suitable for roller compaction as well as direct compression to enhance tablet hardness.

It can be mixed with other coarser types to achieve specific flow and compression characteristics, used in chewable tablet to improve texture and compressibility.

Comprecel® M112

Equivalent type to M102 in many physical properties, but with extremely lower moisture content designed for moisture sensitive active ingredients.

Comprecel® M113

Similar type to M101, but with lower moisture content than M101 and M103.

It is recommended for moisture sensitive active ingredients.

Comprecel® M200

Coarsest type in particle size. It facilitates high speed tabletting and low tablet weight variation due to its excellent flowability.

It is recommended for direct compression and hard capsules. It can be also added extra-granular to dry and wet granulation to further enhance mix compressibility.

Comprecel® M212

Intermediate particle size between M102 and M200 combining excellent binding capacity with good flow properties; suitable for direct compression with good content uniformity.

Comprecel® M301 / M302

Higher bulk density versions of M101 and M102; improves production efficiency by allowing for increased batch size in blending. They also facilitate reduced tablet weight variation at higher tablet speed.

Suitable for direct compression, especially design for thinner tablets in the presence of low density ingredients.

Comprecel® SMCC (Silicified Microcrystalline Cellulose)

Corresponding to M101 Corresponding to M102 Corresponding to M302 Corresponding to M112

Integrated particle combined with 98% Microcrystalline Cellulose and 2% colloidal silicon dioxide, highly functional ingredients with greatly improved properties:

  1. Improved Compactibility
  2. Enhanced flow
  3. Less sensitive for lubrication
  4. Dust-reduced Handling in production