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Croscarmellose Sodium

Disolcel® (CCS) provides excellent dissolution properties in majority of tablet formulations. Typical use levels are between 0.5-3.0% only. Disolcel® has been used in pharmaceutical tablets, capsules and granules to aid in disintegration of dosage form and drug dissolution.

Effectiveness of Croscarmellose Sodium on Tablet Disintegration

Using the well-known fact that Dicalcium Phosphate tablets are poorly disintegrating, we compared different levels of Croscarmellose Sodium and their effects on disintegration time of Dicalcium Phosphate tablets as shown below.
Croscarmellose Sodium,% Disintegration Time
0.10 >>2Hr
0.25 245 sec
0.50 31 sec
1.00 16 sec
1.50 13 sec

Effect of Settling Volumes in Disolcel® on Drug Dissolution:

The data below shows that formulation containing Disolcel® with higher settling volume, has faster drug dissolution that means speed up the drug released rate. (i.e the shorter T60%)