Food Application

We offer both powdered and colloidal grade of microcrystalline cellulose. Each of the grades exhibits diverse characteristics that can be applied in various food products

Colloidal Grade

Neocel® finds wide applications in food such as dairy product, beverage, bakery product, sauce, dressing and processed meat.

Dairy Beverage

  • Suspension
  • Emulsion stabilization
  • Creamy mouthfeel
  • Thickening

Whipping Cream

  • Foam stabilization
  • Emulsion stability
  • Syneresis reduction
  • Fat replacement

Ice Cream

  • Ice crystal control
  • Foam stabilization
  • Emulsion stabilization
  • Texture modification

Salad Dressing

  • Fat replacement
  • Emulsion stabilization
  • Improvement cling
  • Heat stabilization
  • Flavor release

Processed Meat

  • Fat replacement
  • Elasticity of mouthfeel
  • Moisture migration control
  • Frozen thaw stability


  • Heat stability
  • Shape retention
  • Enhanced mouthfeel
  • Emulsion stability

Types of Neocel® for Food application

  C11-F C81-F C91-F C61-F C08-F
Content of NaCMC 11.4-18.5% 8.4-13.7% 8.4-13.7% 9.0-15.0% 10.0-20.0%
Viscosity (cps)          
1.20%   73-167 39-130 39-175  
2.60% 52-150       1800-5000
  Low viscosity type that offers light texture with good suspension ability. High viscosity type, great thickening effect with rich mouthfeel. Moderate viscosity type with balance mouthfeel. Easy activation type, propeller mixer is needed for dispersion. Ultra-high viscosity type, stabilizing effect under low dosage.

Powdered Grade

Comprecel® MCC can be added to achieve specific purpose in food products such as shredded cheese, high fiber biscuits, spices and others.

Shredded cheese

  • Anti-caking

High fiber biscuit

  • Dietary fiber


  • Carrier