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Microcrystalline Cellulose Colloidal Grade

Neocel® function as suspending agent/thickener and emulsion stabilizer, primarily used in syrups, suspensions such as antacid preparations, emulsions, nasal sprays and creams. It is also used in healthcare products such as toothpaste, creams, lotions, foams, foundations and shampoos.

Types of Neocel® for Pharmaceutical

  C11 C81 C91 C61 C20
Content of NaCMC 11.4-18.5% 8.4-13.7% 8.4-13.7% 9.0-15.0% 12.0-20.0%
Viscosity (cps)          
1.20%   73-167 45-105 60-140 48-112
2.60% 60-140        
  High NaCMC content and lowest viscosity. Highest viscosity. Viscosity lower than that of Neo-C81 but particle finer than Neo-C81. Improved version of Neo-C91, easily activated. Highest NaCMC content and low viscosity.

Thixotropy achievable at levels as low as 1%

The thixotropic behavior of Neocel dispersions facilitates the filling of suspension products and their stability during standing in their finished package.

Adequate Shear Force leads to Stable Suspending Performance

You may also find this product has been widely used in food application.

Food Application